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New Frontier Armory Glock 9MM Lower

For the "gunsumer" looking for something different, 

New Frontier Armory recently introduced an AR lower utilizing a Glock 9MM magazine. The lower is a billet design and is ready to be build out into a rifle. Drop by Solar Tactical to check it out.

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Solar Tactical Training, we offer basic to advanced courses in pistol, rifle, shotgun and long range shooting at our private training facility.

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special pricing for leo/miltary


We support our LEO and Military community by offering special discounts and pricing on the latest gear and accessories for any situation.


Solar Tactical gear reviews are now available for viewing on our website/youtube channel. Follow us for the latest guns, gears, & products reviews from the shooting industry and manufacturers. 

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We have a vast network of professionals that will tell you the honest truth about the latest gears and gadgets. We do the research so you don't have to.

Solar Tactical is the premiere firearms store in the TRI-Valley/EAST bay


CAI WASR-10 7.62X39

The WASR-10 AK has been a popular choice for the AK buyer who is on a budget. With Magpul making AK furnitures, it was time for Solar Tactical to customize the WASR-10 with the Magpul furniture.

Available color choices, Black, Plum, FDE, ODG, & Grey. Drop by Solar Tactical to check it out.

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Glock 43 9 MM

The Glock 43 9 MM sub-compact pistol. The 9MM single stack frame pistol is new to the Glock family of pistols. With the introduction of the G 42 in 380 AUTO, it was only a matter of time before a 9MM version would be introduce to the "gunsumer". 

The G 43 has proven to be a best seller for Glock.

For those who are looking for a small compact carry, The G 43 fits the role.